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Forms are a key component of Landing Pages (in addition to Offer, Image, Trust and Proof). When a visitor considers completing a form — for lead gen, to subscribe or to purchase — it is the moment of truth.

So, it is sad that so many forms work to chase these ready customers and prospects away.
This article will give you some things to consider as you guide development of your website forms in these areas:

    1. Right time of informing about problems/success
    2. Right place for validation messages
    3. Right color
    4. Clear language

Visitor Personas and Video Games | Orbit Media

@crestodina I spoke at the Conversion Conference #convcon this week about flipping your message according to your Web visitor. This can be applied to subject lines, search ads, display ads and landing pages.
One of the most powerful “flips” is between the four kind of visitors outlined by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg in their book Waiting for Your Cat to Bark?.
Here is a creative twist on the four kinds of visitors you’ll encounter on your website: video game characters.
Is the page, post or email you’re working on right now targeting Frogger or Mario or Galaga or PacMan?
It should.
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