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Website Redesign Like a Successful Hollywood Director

Your website redesign is a remake of your online brand. It's like a Hollywood reboot of a successful franchise. JJ Abrams has two successful reboots of beloved franchises under his belt: Star Trek and now Star Wars.  George Lucas didn't fair as well with his Star Wars prequels.

What's the difference? How can you avoid a website reboot like the Phantom Menace, a beautiful disaster? In this free webinar, we'll show some successes and some cautionary tales. 

Brian Massey and Joel Harvey discuss the way to complete a website redesign without creating a Jar Jar Binks for your business.

You'll Learn

  1. When to redesign and when to optimize your website.
  2. Why the "Going All In" style of redesign is like gambling.
  3. Why user research can't avoid failures.
  4. Five ways to redesign using data and testing.
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Duration: 1 Hour
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About the Hosts

Brian is the founder of Conversion Sciences and author of the Amazon Marketing bestseller Your Customer Creation Equation.
Joel is a Managing Partner at Conversion Sciences. He leads a team that tests thousands of hypotheses each year.

Brian Massey

Joel Harvey