You’re Not Sending Enough B2B Email

Wouldn’t you kick yourself if you realized you were walking away from doubled or tripled sales because of unfounded fears?

B2B marketers are missing sales because they are afraid to send email.

An experiment conducted by Conversion Sciences tells us that their fears are largely unfounded. The experiment took place over two weeks in September, focused on sending frequent email to a B2B list.

The primary questions asked were:

  • Would email outperform our other marketing programs?
  • Would frequent email significantly increase conversions?
  • Would frequent email cause an unacceptable number of subscribers to unsubscribe?
  • Would frequent email  reduce my ability to deliver email due to spam reports?

We summarize our findings in the report Extreme B2B Email: Finding the Right Frequency for Your B2B Email List.

This report summarizes the results of the experiment in which we sent four emails per week for two weeks. This report tells you what to send and what to expect from frequent emails.

  • How many opt-outs you can expect and how will the opt-out rate change over time.
  • How frequent email affects conversion rates.
  • How prevent your email from being seen as spam.
  • How to interpret your email analytics.

The 46 page report includes

  • Graphs
  • Conversion Sciences professional analysis
  • The complete copy and subject lines of the emails sent

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