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Here are nine articles selected by me because I think they give you key insights into getting more from the web.To earn a Free Consultation Session with a Conversion Scientist, collect points within each article. Complete the conversion course to earn your Ph.D. badge and win.

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Undergrad Level Reading (100 PTS EACH)

  1. 20 Landing Page Best Practices to Kickstart Your Conversion Lift
  2. 14 Persuasive Writing Techniques That Trigger A Response
  3. 10 Value Proposition Upgrades That Increased Conversions By At Least 100%

You will get the Undergrad badge by reaching 400 points.

Master Level Reading (300 PTS EACH)

  1. The 7 Core A/B Testing Strategies That Are Fundamentally Essential To CRO Success
  2. The Ultimate A/B Testing Guide: Everything You Need, All In One Place
  3. Writing Killer Conversion Copy: Getting Past the Bouncers in Your Brain

You will get the Master badge by reaching 1300 points.

Ph.D. Level Reading (1000 PTS EACH)

  1. 10 CRO Experts Explain How To Profitably Analyze AB Test Results
  2. A/B Testing Statistics: An Intuitive Guide For Non-Mathematicians
  3. Correlation, Causation, and Their Impact on AB Testing

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