Visual Live Blog: Dan Zarrella on Twitter, Facebook and More

It is rare that my visual live blogs are less visual than the original presentation, but Dan Zarrella’s presentation on Twitter and Facebook optimization is SO choc full of graphs, that I could barely keep up.

So I resorted to banal prose in my notes.

As a fellow scientist (Dan is the Social Media Scientist), I am happy to borrow from his work in doing my own. Here are my notes from Dan’ presentation at PubCon Masters Group Training. I was glad to share the stage with him.


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Getting More Followers

“The best way to get followers is to follow people.”

To get more followers:

  1. Finish your profile.
  2. Put a link to your website.
  3. Upload a picture.


The twenty most retweeted words:

  • please retweet
  • follow
  • top
  • social media
  • help
  • you
  • blog post
  • new blog post
  • retweet
  • free
  • twitter
  • how to

Over 50% of retweets have links.

Retweets tend to have larger words. You don’t have to dumb things down.

Retweets use “novel” or less-used words.

Retweets are noun-heavy, third person.

Retweets have more punctuation, even exclamation marks.

Retweets are less emotional, more conceptual.

Social behavior is retweeted.

Men retweet opinion, women retweet entertainment.

Retweets happen later in the day, after 4:00pm ET.

Women follow more people and tweet more.

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