The Ultimate Question for Website Optimization

What would happen if you stopped optimizing today?

What would happen if you suddenly pulled the plug on your website optimization efforts? The question behind the question is, “How much has website optimization contributed to our online sales?”

We all know that the results we see in our tests don’t reflect reality when rolled out to the website. So, how much faith should we put into test results?

My Marketing Land column The Nagging Little Question Of Conversion Optimization I explore all of the things that make our actual results different from that predicted by testing.

And I tell you what happened to one company when they removed the months of optimized changes from their site.

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The Massey Observer Effect states that, “The act of measuring an audience will change the way the audience behaves.” This means that what our tests tell us are going to be somewhat inaccurate. This is just one reason that the results of our tests won’t be seen when rolled out onto the website.

You’ll learn how to overcome several sources of error in our tests.


  • The Massey Observer Effect

  • Statistics Lie

  • Test Segments

  • Market Coincidences

I go into detail on each of these, explaining why these issues is important and how to overcome them when doing website optimization for leads and sales.

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Brian Massey is the Founder and Conversion Scientist™ at Conversion Sciences. He is the author of Your Customer Creation Equation. His rare combination of interests, experience and neuroses were developed over almost 20 years as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, corporate marketer, international speaker and writer.

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