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Exclusive Mobile Design Insights from Dozens of Split Tests [Webinar]

The Mobile Web is still in its infancy.  Today, alleged “mobile best-practices” are nothing more than successful desktop strategies scaled to a smaller screen.  But people behave differently on small-screen devices than they do when they are sitting at a computer. Conversion Sciences has begun to see what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like. Having…

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Is Google Using Mobilegeddon to Lead You Astray?

The Threat: Mobilegeddon, Google’s search algorithm change that would penalize mobile websites that weren’t “mobile friendly”. There is little as scary to an online business as having your source of traffic threatened. However, Google put some resources in place and is making recommendations to businesses to help them become mobile-friendly. The recommendations will not help…

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Pick the landing page templates that maximize conversions.

Landing Page Templates that Maximize Conversions

What to look for in a high-converting landing page template. A friend of mine recently offered me an expensive Giant brand road bike that he wasn’t using in exchange for some help on his website. He runs a local carpet cleaning service in San Marcos, Texas just south of the Conversion Capital of the World….

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From Viral to Buyral: Designing Buyer Journeys [CASE STUDY]

Online retailer iNature Skincare® sponsored a video that turned into a phenomenon. Released on October 29, 2014, the Comfortable: 50 People 1 Question video had garnered over 4 million views within two weeks. iNature Skincare had sponsored a viral hit. Unfortunately, sales did not rise as much as one would think. Why not? It is…

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Most Important Judge of your Testing Program

The Most Important Person on Your Split Testing Team

My partner Joel Harvey is fond of saying, “My favorite part of a design is the money.” He’s been part of many a web design project. His perspective comes in response to the number of times he’s heard things like: “I want the design to pop!” “I want my site’s design to be groundbreaking like…

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Ode to the Big Red Button – A Love Story

Valentine’s Day is an emotional time, even for a Conversion Scientist. It is a time in which we, like so many people in love, celebrate beautiful relationships. It’s a time to stop seeing our visitors as “traffic,” “visits,” “bounces,” or “conversions.” We dispense with talk of hypotheses and statistical significance and turn instead to those…

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How To Design a Kicka$$ Long Form Sales Page – For Further Study

How to Design Kickass Long Form Sales Pages-ConversionXL @peeplaja “People have an infinite attention span if you are entertaining them.” I get a lot of questions about sales letter styled landing pages. Do they work? Do I need to write that much? My stock answer is that they do work, but that your copywriter needs…

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“My favorite part of the design is the money.”

Website design is only great if it’s making you money. It’s not about the colors, the shapes, the sliders and flashy bits, though that’s the fun part many businesses sadly get hung up on. People don’t come to your site for entertainment or art—unless you sell art. Photo Credit: Giovanni Orlando via Compfight They come…

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