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A Conversion Optimization Supernova in Austin

Conversion Optimization Supernova

In 2014, we declared Austin, Texas the Conversion Optimization Capital of the World. We will be updating our yearly list of Austin’s greatest conversion minds on CRO Day, April 9. Subscribe and see if you agree. Instant Subscription If Austin is the conversion capital of the world, it was a supernova of conversion optimization brilliance…

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Communicate More Creatively with Analytics

People sometimes confuse us with robot-like scientists, being lead by data and caring little for the creative side of marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. I like to think that we can be more creative because we add a rigor to our creativity that allows us to try riskier things. If we have…

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The Elements of A Converted Call [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here we thought we were the only ones who loved a good periodic table. Data collected from Convirza based on millions of phone calls analyzed in the first quarter of 2014 answers the critical question: what are the differences between a converted call and a non-converted call? McKay Allen shared the results from this study…

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Conversation Analytics Data From Calls Analyzed [INFOGRAPHIC]

Call tracking is what happens BEFORE the call. Conversation Analytics is what happens ON the call. The Convirza (formerly LogMyCalls) Conversation Analytics uses sophisticated speech recognition technology and hundreds of thousands of proprietary algorithms to extract data from phone calls. McKay Allen shared the results from those Conversation Analytics in this incredible infographic. Some interesting…

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My Internet Marketing Oedipus Complex

This is a guest post by Craig Andrews. Sorry, no salacious stories about sons killing their father and sleeping with their mother. But in Oedipus Rex, Sophocles had insights about Internet Marketing more than 2 millennia before the internet. The play’s hero had a tragic flaw that plagues all of us. It is our Internet…

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Tracking Paypal With Google Analytics and Google AdWords

Tracking PayPal with Google Analytics and Google AdWords – Loves Data Blog Feb 11, 2013 12:05 pm Comments: PayPal is a preferred method of payment for many of your visitors. Even if you’ve got a merchant account and gateway all setup, you should consider PayPal as an alternative source. However, measuring transactions through PayPal is…

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Online Marketing and the Anti-Science Movement [AUDIO]

Even though the election season is over, I’ve opted to extend the debate and move it into the realm of online marketing. In 4 Anti-Science Marketing Attitudes That Keep Us In The Stone Ages I compare the anti-science efforts used by politicians and their campaigns to the anti-science efforts stacked against you, my fellow marketer….

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