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8 Posts That Affect Your Blog’s Organic Traffic

How does one build traffic to a blog? That’s easy. One writes. One posts. One shares. Unfortunately, not all posts are created equal. Not all topics interest the same number of readers. And not all keyword phrases get the attention of the great granter of traffic, Google. Having blogged since 2005 on marketing topics, from…

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Social Video

The Social Video Starter Guide [INFOGRAPHIC]

This is a guest post by Ivan Serrano. The phrase “too long; didn’t read” has entered the lexicon of internet users worldwide, highlighting the importance of keeping things brief, so that’s what we’ll do here. The reasoning is simple: people are less likely to be distracted while watching and listening to a video, compared to…

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Using Facebook to Sell Products

This is a guest post by Simon Campbell Social media sites can be used in a wide variety of ways in many different industries. Though for most businesses, a site like Facebook is typically used to promote products and services rather than to sell them. With a few key tweaks, however, you can change that…

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How to Make Your Blog ERUPT [VIDEO]

My blog looks awesome on iPads with Flipboard. Watch the video and see how yours can, too. It was a Saturday. I was painting the walls of one of our bathrooms. The new color really brought out the tile we’d had installed the week before. Otherwise, things were pretty quiet around the house on this…

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Making the Connection between Online and Offline Analytics

This is a guest post by Katleen Richardson of Marketing AdvantEdge If you’ve been in business for a while and have only recently started to develop your online presence, the idea of having to measure your online marketing performance can be daunting. Even for those who have more experience in the world of conducting business…

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