7 Ideas Stolen from Online Retailers Who Will Kill It This Holiday

Retail season is just three months away.  Surprise! Come again?! Yes it’s true. Between the months of November and late December, many businesses who generate significant profit online will experience an increase in traffic and (hopefully) sales. How do you know if your website is fully prepared to take full advantage of the holiday rush?…

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How Website Redesign is like Holiday Decorations

Many business websites have to change with the holiday seasons, but you don’t redesign with each holiday. We’ve been pretty busy here at Conversion Sciences. No complaints at all. However, other parts of our lives suffer. In my case, it was decorating for the Christmas Season. And in an unexpected way, this relates to your…

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It's too late to optimize lyrics.

It’s Too Late to Optimize. It’s Too Laaaaaate.

One Republic’s breakout hit in 2007 was “Apologize.” It’s a very sad-yet-beautiful tune. It’s also one of those songs that our brains like to play with. “It’s too late to order fries. It’s too laaaaate.” Every year when September rolls around, my brain hears a different word than “Apologize.” “It’s too late to optimize. It’s…

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March Madness and The Conversion Scientist

Ecommerce March Madness-Time to Start Thinking About the Holiday Season

Every March, the annual college basketball tournament inspires basketball binge-watching behavior known by most as “March Madness”. There’s another kind of March madness. It’s the period of time in which ecommerce companies begin to think about the holiday shopping season again (at least the good ones). “Didn’t we just finish the holidays?” they ask. Yet,…

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How CRO is Like St. Patrick’s Day

As scientists, we like to break things down to their essence, to understand the things that make them work. This works well when we’re optimizing websites. Now it’s St. Patrick’s Day. What are the components of this rowdy holiday? We decided to create our own website optimization holiday modeled on St. Patty’s Day. Our analysis…

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Ode to the Big Red Button – A Love Story

Valentine’s Day is an emotional time, even for a Conversion Scientist. It is a time in which we, like so many people in love, celebrate beautiful relationships. It’s a time to stop seeing our visitors as “traffic,” “visits,” “bounces,” or “conversions.” We dispense with talk of hypotheses and statistical significance and turn instead to those…

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The 12 Days of CROstmas

On the first day of CROstmas my website gave to me An increase in RPV. On the second day of CROstmas my website gave to me Two split tests and an increase in RPV. On the third day of CROstmas my website gave to me Three fresh sales, Two split tests and An increase in…

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May Your Holiday Hypotheses All Come True

How do you create a warm, joyful feeling from ordinary paper? Children, puppies and heart-felt copy: these are the hallmarks of a card that can convert even the biggest scrooge into a quivering pool of good cheer. What are you sending to your clients and prospects? Is your card working to get them to open…

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