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Close the Conversion Gap. Cater to the Impulse Purchase

If you are anything like me, you’ve made your fair share impulsive purchases online. Unlike trekking into brick-and-mortar, I never get on the Internet with the intent of pulling out my credit card. Yet, inevitably, I’ve got two food delivery subscriptions and a blouse from the JCrew factory store shipping out tomorrow. Are your visitors…

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Are Sampled Reports in Google Analytics Telling You the Truth?

Caution: Sampled Reports in Google Analytics

The little yellow message in the upper right corner of your Google Analytics report can be somewhat unsettling. It appears when you use custom segments on a website has grown to hundreds of thousands of hits. The message is a warning you that the report you’re looking at is based on sampled data. Does this…

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7 Ways Online Marketing Pros Kick Off the New Year

Why does the “online” marketer have to do anything different from the “other” marketer at the beginning of a new year? There are many reasons. The online marketer is blind without accurate data. The online marketer has wrested control from the grubby hands of IT. The online marketer knows that . Don’t worry. We’ve prepared…

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Google Analytics Blind Spots

Are you blind because your Google Analytics setup has blind spots? Do you know when one of your visitors gets a 404 error? You should. Transcript: Google Analytics Blind Spots That Must Be Corrected Do you know how your overlay popups affect conversion? They really should know. Is Live Chat helping or hurting your sales?…

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Google Analytics Setup Basics [Audio]

We have a recipe for setting up Google Analytics when we take on a new client. A few simple things can make all the difference. Like naming your Views so that you can find the right one easily. Or adding a RAW data view so that you can effectively “backup” your Google Analytics information. I…

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Is Your Stubborn Bounce Rate Mocking You? [AUDIO]

The graph above is real. It is the result of more accurately measuring the bounce rate of my blog. Most of us, at one time or another, have not only been frustrated with our bounce rate, but completely puzzled about what to do about it. In my latest Marketing Land article, Using A Google Tag…

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Google Hummingbird

It’s All About You: The Future of High Quality Link-building

Google keeps messing with us. As soon as we thought we had Panda down, they introduced Penguin. Frankly, we weren’t too excited about the learning curve on that one. Then they threw an invisibility cloak over keywords used in Google searches, which made it even harder to figure out how people were finding us. And…

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A New Kind of Marketing Battery: Google’s New Smart Lists

Marketing Batteries: These are powerful online devices that can actually store attention. Marketing batteries get charged up on the attention that you pay for by running ads, by investing in SEO, by doing press releases, by blogging, by creating webinars. All you have to do is tap into them after they are charged. Customer Batteries…

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