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4 Important Checkout Lessons From

What is the last thing you want your visitors to see when checking out? This, maybe? This is the page we found when we clicked a button that is very important to a Fry’s Electronics, named “In-store Pickup”. It is the button visitors use to check out if they want to pick something up at…

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10 Customer-Delighting Checkout Usability Techniques

There are many good reasons for shopping online rather than in person. But, even for those who regularly navigate the pitfalls of the Internet rather than the crowds at the malls, there are some frustrations that send customers screaming into another room, vowing to never again push the “Proceed to Checkout” button. Well, maybe not…

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It's too late to optimize lyrics.

It’s Too Late to Optimize. It’s Too Laaaaaate.

One Republic’s breakout hit in 2007 was “Apologize.” It’s a very sad-yet-beautiful tune. It’s also one of those songs that our brains like to play with. “It’s too late to order fries. It’s too laaaaate.” Every year when September rolls around, my brain hears a different word than “Apologize.” “It’s too late to optimize. It’s…

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How to Know Your Audience like a Psychologist

If Psychology is the practice of understanding a person through their actions and behaviors, isn’t website optimization pretty much the same thing? The folks who invited me to speak at the Chinwag Psych Conference in London think so. Here’s why. What a person says they are feeling and thinking doesn’t let a psychologist know what…

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Playing E-commerce Product Page Roulette [AUDIO]

What parts of your ecommerce product page are seen in the crucial first seconds of a visit? What’s the worst and the best thing that could happen to your e-commerce site? The answer is that a Conversion Scientist tried to buy something from you. It’s good because, we are very likely to write about our…

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