Pick the landing page templates that maximize conversions.

Landing Page Templates that Maximize Conversions

What to look for in a high-converting landing page template. A friend of mine recently offered me an expensive Giant brand road bike that he wasn’t using in exchange for some help on his website. He runs a local carpet cleaning service in San Marcos, Texas just south of the Conversion Capital of the World….

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“My favorite part of the design is the money.”

Website design is only great if it’s making you money. It’s not about the colors, the shapes, the sliders and flashy bits, though that’s the fun part many businesses sadly get hung up on. People don’t come to your site for entertainment or art—unless you sell art. Photo Credit: Giovanni Orlando via Compfight They come…

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How Analytics Saved One Business’s Online Sales

Tom had two sites targeting the same audience, and getting about the same traffic. Both had analytics installed. This was a rare opportunity to see how two very different approaches to Web site design affected online sales conversion out in the real world.

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