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Why The Visual Cues On Your Site Are All Wrong (And How To Fix Them)

When it comes to page design, I’m fond of saying that we don’t need a designer as much as a draftsman. Their job is less about making things attractive and more about getting a visitor’s eyes to the right parts of a webpage. What do I mean by “right parts?” I mean that a visitor…

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9 Lessons On Home Page Optimization From A Multiple Choice Test

When my daughter was choosing colleges to apply to, two of the key drivers in her decision were here scores on the SAT and ACT. These aptitude tests, in part, determined two things: Her ability to answer multiple-choice questions. Her ability to get into certain colleges. I was interested in the psychology of this staple of standardized testing: the multiple-choice test….

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7 Ways to Get More Software Trials from Your Landing Page [Critique]

What does a landing page have to do to generate more software trials from visitors? One of the sites I reviewed during my webinar The Science of the Landing Page with Avangate was Mac Mail to Outloook Converter. The primary call to action on this page is to download and try the converter. Watch the…

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Which SEO Landing Pages Are Making You Money?

When you’re building a blog to bring traffic to your site, it’s the organic search traffic that makes or breaks your efforts. A blog post is an SEO landing page. It draws visitors through the graces of the search engines. SEO landing pages are challenging, primarily because it takes time to see which of them…

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Build a Landing Page with a 50% Conversion Rate [Webinar]

Talking about landing pages that convert is one of a Conversion Scientist’s favorite conversation topics. It’s even something that plays a huge part in their dating lives, and one of Conversion Scientist Brian Massey’s most popular presentations is still the Chemistry of the Landing Page. Your Conversion Rate Will Make or Break Your Campaigns Conversion…

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Cognitive Biases, Data Scientists, Great Landing Pages [For Further Study]

What’s on the Conversion Scientist’s reading list these days? Business Insider: 20 Cognitive Biases that Screw Up Your Decisions If I was to rename this article, it would be, “20 Kinds of Best Practices and Why They Won’t Work”. It is bad news to rely on best practices that are unsupported by data or testing….

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What are some strategies for reducing bounce rate?

This is a common question, and requires an understanding of the definitions of bounce rate.” The bounce rate is a bit slippery and requires some examination. The intention of measuring the bounce rate is to figure out how many of your visitors are leaving almost immediately after arriving at your site. This metric provides for…

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Are Your PPC Ads Plaid and Your Landing Pages Polka Dots?

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a highly effective way to get your products in front of new prospective customers and drive sales, but only when campaigns are set up with the right touch. Depending on what keywords you want to target with your bids, search ads are generally not prohibitively expensive, but it’s easy to…

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What I Learned About Conversion Optimization from a Dating Profile

Brian Massey does a live markup of an OK Cupid dating profile using the same criteria that he uses when critiquing a business landing page. Conversion Sciences employee Megan Hoover has agreed to be the test subject, using conversion optimization techniques on her dating profile. There are five key takeaways that you should consider on…

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Brian Massey in a Dark Room with Joe Kerschbaum

Landing Pages: Grilling The Conversion Scientist™

It was a dark room with on of those overhead lights above a lone chair. This was the room Joe Kerschbaum found to interview me at the Hero Conference in Portland Oregon. He proceeded to grill me about Landing Pages the special way we build them backwards. You can hear the recording here. We talk…

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Nail the Top of Your Landing Page for Surprising Results [VIDEO]

The long-scrolling flat style landing page is all the rage this year. This style of landing page suffers from some problems, however. Large background images slow load time. Information is presented in small bites. Sometimes more copy is needed. Banded sections often look like the bottom of the page, reducing scrolling. With the right approach,…

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A Formula for Rating Lead Quality [A Dating Landing Page]

As a scientist, I’m obsessed with data in every aspect of my life. I calculate wait times in lines based on number of customers and speed of the checkout clerk. I check multiple spreadsheets and websites to optimize cash back rewards and airline points before purchasing anything. So when I decided it was time to…

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What story are your landing page images telling?

Turn an Image into a Landing Page Power Up

Oli Gardner will make you blush when he rips your landing page copy from its safe HTML home and shows you what it says as a plain text file. I got to thinking, what if we just pulled the images from your website? Would they be able to tell the story of your value proposition?…

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