Conversion-Centered Design

The Proper Use of Flash Headers

Flash will usually decrease your conversion rates Executives love their sites to have flash headers. It looks cool. It looks like marketing is doing something. The problem is, a flash header can hurt engagement and conversion more than it helps. The Triple Threat of Flash Flash banners are usually no more than cool images with…

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Relate to Four, Connect with Thousands

You will understand your readers when you understand the four “Modes of Persuasion.” Every visitor fits into one of four modes, and, as will see, each mode describes a different way of connecting. If you can master each of these modes, you can effectively draw anyone closer with your words.

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ConversionCast: Designing for Personas

Conversion Scientists love their crayons. We’re starting something new here at Conversion Sciences: The ConversionCast. A ConversionCast is a detailed analysis of a page based on two primary scales: The four Modes of Persuasion and visitors’ position in the Sales Process. Learn more about the Modes of Persuasion in the book Waiting for Your Cat…

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