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Homepage design and the multiple-choice test.

Homepage Design: It’s Like a Multiple-choice Test

Get out your number 2 pencils and practice your small circles. We fill in some bubbles for you to help you redesign your home page. What if I told you that, when a visitor reaches your homepage, to them it’s just like taking a multiple-choice test? They have a question and you offer choices.  Full…

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How Website Redesign is like Holiday Decorations

Many business websites have to change with the holiday seasons, but you don’t redesign with each holiday. We’ve been pretty busy here at Conversion Sciences. No complaints at all. However, other parts of our lives suffer. In my case, it was decorating for the Christmas Season. And in an unexpected way, this relates to your…

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A New Book From Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg

It was a book by Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg that helped launch Conversion Sciences as a business way back in 2006, Waiting for Your Cat to Bark? These brothers and Austin residents have together and individually produced a number of eye-opening and ground breaking volumes, such as Call to Action and AB Testing. These books…

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Your Rotating Headers Don’t Have to Kill Your Conversion Rate

It’s like a virus on the web: Rotating Headers, also called “Sliders”. Designers recommend them. Content Management Systems provide widgets to implement them. And everyone is copying their competitors, which makes them spread. Those of us that test websites know one thing: We can almost always get a higher conversion rate with a static image…

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Understand Your Target Market

Speaking of Wealth Interview: 6 Big Takeaways on Designing for Conversion

On July 29, 2014, Brian sat down with Jason Hartman, host of the Speaking of Wealth show, to discuss his overall approach to tackling the most important pieces of the online marketing puzzle.  He keys in on some crucial points that all online marketers should pay attention to as you are designing for conversion. Here…

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Unexpected Website Formulas of the Conversion Scientist

The things that make a website work are not always obvious until someone points them out. Myth and legend reign without data. Brian Massey introduces you to the unexpected website formulas that will help turn your website around. And he does it all with science. Not just any science either – Conversion Sciences. Brian shares…

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Content Marketing Barriers: The Subject Matter Expert Problem

How to tap into the brains of your subject matter experts. How to tap into the brains of your subject matter experts. As marketers, most of us are not masters of the products or services we are tasked with marketing. Sure, we’re smart and are fast learners. But, we’re relegated to the world of positioning,…

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Ode to the Big Red Button – A Love Story

Valentine’s Day is an emotional time, even for a Conversion Scientist. It is a time in which we, like so many people in love, celebrate beautiful relationships. It’s a time to stop seeing our visitors as “traffic,” “visits,” “bounces,” or “conversions.” We dispense with talk of hypotheses and statistical significance and turn instead to those…

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Cascade Content is Content Marketing – Simplified

It was a few paragraphs from my book in a Chapter entitled “How Content Fuels Conversion.” It started off pretty well, but it ended in a lie. Amid my discussions of video and images; of draftsmen and imagemakers and storytellers appeared a few lines. They’re there on page 92. Digital content has legs. One item…

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No More Guesswork: 5 Website Formats Proven to Get Results – via Crazy Egg

People often wonder why their site isn’t more successful. They ask themselves all sorts of questions: Is it too wordy? Is my product/service stupid? Do I need more flair? Well….. Good news everyone!** Brian teamed up with Crazy Egg to share five website formats that are proven to get results. Brian breaks down the five…

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