AB Testing

Six tips for optimizing your website using AB Testing

A/B Testing Fundamentals Infographic

Here are six tips for getting your A/B testing right. These were captured at Affiliate Summit West 2016 and presented by Digital Marketer’s Justin Rondeau. Focus on Process Not Hacks Don’t just try what others  say works. Have a process that allows you to know your MARKET. Measure Multiple Metrics that Matter Measure the right…

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what are the conversion options for low traffic websites

Increase Conversions on Low-Traffic Websites

Here’s a common question: “How do you increase conversions when you only get a small amount of traffic?” The first answer is, go get more traffic. You can do statistical optimization using split testing if you have enough conversions, but this usually comes with more traffic. The second answer is to get more conversions so…

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5 stepts to determine what to test on a website

Hypotheses: Deciding what to Test

Today’s question is at the heart of AB testing. “How do you decide what elements of a site to test?” We call the test “hypotheses.” But, a better question is, “How do you determine what NOT to test.” It’s relatively easy to come up with ideas that might increase your conversion rate. We typically come…

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why i want to install optimization tools on my dating profile feature image

How to Create a Hypothesis List and Get a Date, Too

As a Conversion Scientist, I used my background in Conversion Rate Optimization and Landing Pages to create the first draft of my OkCupid profile, the landing page of me. I utilized the chemistry of a successful landing page formula to make sure I hit all the known conversion points. OkCupid’s setup will limit me in…

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Find out how your visitors became customers with multi-goal tests.

Get Around Website Blind Spots with Split Testing Software [PODCAST]

How many goals do you set when you’re designing a split test for your website? We’re goal-crazy here in the lab at Conversion Sciences. It is not unusual for our tests have dozens of goals. Why is that? We see split testing as a data collection activity, not a tool that gives us answers. It’s…

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come with me if you want to convert

Exclusive Mobile Design Insights from Dozens of Split Tests [Webinar]

The Mobile Web is still in its infancy.  Today, alleged “mobile best-practices” are nothing more than successful desktop strategies scaled to a smaller screen.  But people behave differently on small-screen devices than they do when they are sitting at a computer. Conversion Sciences has begun to see what Mobile Web 2.0 will look like. Having…

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Best Online Conversion Optimization Practices Among B2B Businesses

The Conversion Optimization Tools Your Competition Will Dominate With [AUDIO]

The fight for online leads and sales has traditionally been fought at the search engine. That is changing. Web analytics, bid management, competitive intelligence, ad testing and ad management tools are all common staples of any serious paid search effort. Return on ad spend (ROAS) is being tracked all the way through the sign up…

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It Looks Like a Valid Split Test, but You May Be Missing Something.

Twins: Spotting Flaws in this Viral Split Test

Split tests are a favored tool of economists, direct response mailers and website optimizers. The primary challenge when creating a split test is being sure that you’re measuring exactly what you think you’re measuring. As my grandmother used to say, Yes, we are a geeky family. When your variables get out of hand, all hell…

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