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10 Proven Ways To Immediately Optimize Your Pricing Page

Yes, I’m very interested in purchasing your product, and I just clicked the button taking me to your pricing page. What does that mean? It means the $50 you invested in finding me and getting me to your landing page paid off. It means the $1,500 you invested in creating a high-converting landing page did…

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5 Essential Qualities of a High-Converting Promotional Video

What’s the first thing visitors see when they come to your site? If the answer isn’t a promotional video, you are probably missing out on a sizable chunk of conversions. In addition the broad trend of increased video consumption – projected to reach 80% of all web traffic by 2019 – promotional videos in particular are…

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How To Persuade People Without Trying: 8 Ways To Be Naturally Influential

When you know how to persuade people online, you gain control of your business destiny. Here are 8 ways to be more influential.

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