Austin Has The Highest Number of Website Optimizers per Capita

Where can conversion rate optimizers find the best breakfast tacos?

Last year, Austin, Texas declared itself the Conversion Capital of the World with some stiff competition.

It turns out that, this year there is even more reason to support this very scientific and not-at-all-biased claim. We’ll be sharing our updated list of Austintatious website optimization pros on CRO Day, April 9.

Clearly, the quality of breakfast tacos and microbrews are determining factors for how optimizers choose their city of residence.

Website optimizers aren’t your typical marketer. In our roundup, each one will tell the story of how they were drawn, pulled or tricked into conversion optimization.

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Ironically, CRO Day was declared by the crew at Unbounce, a respected but decidedly “ain’t in Austin” company. Despite that, we think that you should be online for this event. We will participate.

Two days until International Conversion Rate Optimization Day

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